Interior Questions & Answers

Q8. What steps do you take to ensure cleanliness?

A. Prior to painting:

  • Wall and ceiling fixtures are removed
  • All woodwork is taped with high-quality, tear-resistant tape
  • Remaining furniture is moved to the center of the room
  • All flooring, furniture, etc is covered with dropcloths

Q9. What extra steps do you take to ensure quality work?

A. Our goal is simple: make it look as if we were never there – the only difference should be the color!

To accomplish this, during the painting process, we:

  • Tape all woodwork for a clean look
  • Caulk all woodwork to remove gaps between the wall and baseboards/door casings
  • Patch imperfections in the wall with drywall mud
  • Sand rough spots prior to painting for a nice, smooth finish

After painting is complete, we:

  • Vacuum areas to ensure no dust is left behind
  • Complete a final walk-through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction

Q10. How do I select the type of paint that’s right for me?

A. The first thing to consider is the sheen, or more simply, the level of “shine” of the finish coat.

Sherwin-Williams has great examples of different types of interior paint here.

However, in simplistic terms, the basic categories are:

  • Flat/Matte – most dull finish; easy to cleanup, scrub off imperfections
  • Eg-shel – little more shine; shows imperfections (dings/knicks) in wall
  • Semi-gloss – nice bright look, more difficult to “touch-up” if finish coat is disturbed
  • Satin – high quality, exquisite look; almost impossible to “touch-up,” wouldn’t recommend for high-traffic areas

Q11. What type of paint do you recommend for a repainted room?

A. Sherwin-Williams Duration Home. The matte finish is especially easy to wash/scrub; it gives a great, clean uniform look; and has anti-microbial properties to resist mildew.

Q12. Do I need to move any furniture or will Dynamic Painting do that for me?

A. We ask that you move most furniture for liability reasons; however, if there is a heavy object in the room, we always have “slides” available to use to move it prior to beginning.

Q13. Will my home have the horrendous paint odor for weeks after the job is completed?

A. Low-VOC paints are used to ensure the lingering odor does not last beyond two days. And, since the paint is latex-based, there is no need to worry about harmful fumes.