General Questions & Answers

Q1. What brand of paint is most common?

A. Generally, we prefer to use Sherwin-Williams paint products. However, we will adapt our product selection to fit your individual need. Other quality brands include Porter and Behr.

Q2. Can I match the color of my existing paint (interior or exterior)?

A. Absolutely. We just need a sample to take to the store. No matter what brand of paint you choose, the technology will match the paint perfectly to the sample!

Q3. Where can I get samples of available paint colors?

A. Sherwin-Williams has samples available for pickup. They are $5 per quart and I would highly recommend testing colors on your walls prior to selecting a final choice. I would be happy to bring these samples to you if you let me know ahead of time.

Q4. Are your paint products environmentally-friendly?

A. Yes. All paints are latex-based. When possible, we like to use GreenSure products from Sherwin-Williams to ensure our projects have the lowest amount of environmental impact as possible.

For more information, see the GreenSure website.

Q5. Do you offer a warranty on the paint and/or labor?

A. Yes and yes. The warranty on the paint product is offered by the manufacturer. The length of the warranty is clearly marked on the product and depends upon the type of paint. We would be happy to provide this information for you before beginning. And, the warranty for all labor is two years.

Q6. If any damage is done to my property, is Dynamic Painting insured?

A. Yes – we are fully insured and bonded to protect the safety of our workers as well as the quality of your home.

Q7. Do you have references available?

A. Yes – we have numerous references. With over 20 years of professional painting experience, we can provide a reference for every type of job. Out of respect for our customers, we do not post their information publicly. We would be happy to provide references upon request.