Exterior Questions & Answers

Q14. What extra steps do you take to ensure quality work?

A. With exterior projects, the preparation of your home is even more essential (due to the harsh Ohio climate). We will spend one day thoroughly preparing your home by:

  • Power washing all to-be-painted surfaces
  • Caulking any gaps in the woodwork (along trim, doors, windows, etc)
  • Scraping away any loose paint to ensure properly adheres to the surfaces
  • Priming any areas of exposed, bare wood

Then, as part of the actual painting process, we will:

  • Remove all downspouts to ensure full-coverage of the paint product
  • Remove all light fixtures, door knockers, etc for a nice, clean final look
  • Cover all delicate landscaping with dropcloths to protect the greenery
  • Cover all nearby deck space, porches, driveways, etc with dropcloths
  • Complete a final walk-through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction

Q15. Do you power wash all of the homes you work on?

A. Absolutely. Power washing, as part of the preparation process, is essential to ensure a proper bond between the paint and the structure of the home. This thorough cleaning will make certain your new coat of paint is long-lasting and of the highest quality.

Q16. My home is stucco. Is the process different for that?

A. Yes. The preparation work is the same. However, we spray the final coat of paint and then “back-roll” over it with a roller nap to ensure all cracks and gaps are properly sealed with the paint.

Q17. I just want a fresh coat of paint on the trim of my home. What do you recommend?

A. We like to use Sherwin-Williams’ Exterior Latex Superpaint. It provides a long-lasting coat that will resist peeling, fading, and cracking in the fluctuating Ohio climate.